Services and what we do

Natural Power Games offers a lot of variety and custom services for our clients, either you want to develop your own game or hire us to assist you

Hands On Game Development

Clients from all over the world have requested our development knowledge, we've achieved their vision with clean code and slick presentation.

App Design Consultancy

Traveling abroad for consultancy is not out of our reach. Having worked in Asia and the Americas, Natural Power Games is everywhere.

Game Dev Live Training

We're also providing Live Training for newcomers in the game development world.

Tesla Grid


A game about electricity grids, made in Unity for the Global Game Jam 2018 by Natural Power Games, and then improved upon as a showcase. This game features random generation of levels which are completed by placing enough power towers to communicate the city with a far away point which has no power (depicted in red). Users can time their plays and compete in leaderboards with other players around the world. This game is unreleased but has a potential release date of November 2018.


In this game, up to 5 players can participate in couch coop. It features 2 displays, one of which is for the Game Master to place items, move them around and set up the world, the other one is for the players to explore and encounter the situations set up by the Game Master in their screen.